Friday, June 22, 2007

Animation at the Portage

On June 15th, ChewBone Animation hosted a private screening of works by nine Chicago animators. And what a success! We had a turn out of about 400 people and everyone was very impressed by the variety of work presented.

The films ranged from 20 seconds to 20 minutes and included CG, Stopmotion, Handdrawn, Flash and other animation techniques.

I could not have brought a show like this together without the collaboration of others such as Ben Chow, who designed every single poster at the event, Dave Facchini would found someone to print them all, Lisa Barcy who designed the programs and helped pull the show together, Dennis Scott who runs The Portage and was very generous with us first-time-festival-organizers, and of course everyone who came from as far as San Fransisco, LA and Toronto to attend this event.

A Time for All Seasonings played very well on the big screen. So now its being entered into various festivals around the country. We have had early signs of interest as well as our fair share of rejection letters. I will post soon about the NEW WEBSITE for the film, so keep clickin' back...