Tuesday, April 03, 2007

CLIP from the film...

Here is 40 seconds from "A Time for All Seasonings". I'm still not great at getting the best quality video uploaded to the blog. But still, here is what you've all been waiting for: a small clip from the FINISHED FILM!

Director: BJ Crawford
Animation: BJ Crawford, Joe Merideth, Mike Owens
Produced at ChewBone Animation by: BJ Crawford, Joe Merideth
Music: Patrick Sinozich

A Time for All Seasonings is COMPLETE

Just before midnight on April 1st, we rendered out the final version of A Time for All Seasonings. In the next couple weeks, there will be a final edit session and that will make the final wrap of the film.

Here are some pictures of the final day of production:

The director at his desk finishing the last 12 or so drawings of the film.

Dahlia sitting next to all of the final artwork from the film. This is what six minutes worth of animation looks like.

Doug came in every week and worked on mattes, scanning, painting and compositing. He's now taking a break to sketch out storyboards for is own production, "Restless".

Chang did some amazing art work for the film. He came in on the final day of production to do some last minute painting. There were some elements of the film that required a more detailed painting job beyond just filling an area with a flat color. Each frame of the curtain opening and closing on the stage had to be treated like a piece of the background art.

Tom went through every single frame of the film and made a list of any painting errors or misplaced drawings. He then went back into the project and corrected every single mistake he found. This is him viewing the final version to make sure all of his changes made it into the final cut.